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401(k) Plan Checkup Series

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3 Steps to Evaluate Your 401(k) Plan

Discover how to properly evaluate your 401(k) Plan, become a better Fiduciary, and keep more money in your participants’ accounts!

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Protecting Participant’s 401(k) Assets

As a Plan Fiduciary, the Department of Labor states that decisions should be based on the best interests of the participants. Gain a better understanding of this "best-interest" concept and learn how you can better serve the participants in your Plan.
Evaluate the Quality of the Fund Lineup

As a Plan Fiduciary, you should be monitoring the appropriateness of the existing funds in your lineup. Learn three ways to evaluate the overall quality of the funds in your Plan.
Common Plan Management Mistakes
You’ve had no major findings or issues discovered during your annual nondiscrimination testing and independent audit process…and you want to keep it that way. Learn the common mistakes that Plan Administrators make in the daily management of their Plans and how to avoid them.

Gain Peace of Mind That You’re Doing the Right Things in Your 401(k) Plan
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