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Service Delivery Agreement

Nothing is worse than believing you are buying something and then not getting what you thought you paid for. We are laser-focused on delivering on what we say we are going to do. This starts with a culture of doing what we say we are going to do and backing that up with the systems, process, and resources to ensure that we deliver on our promises.

Having a written service delivery agreement outlining what will be done, when it will done, and by whom is essential in making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Below is a sample of our Service Delivery Agreement.


Retirement Plan Consulting Service Delivery Agreement

Monterey Wealth 401k will provide the following services to Your Company, LLC for its 401(k) and Cash Balance plans. The fees associated with these services will be ____. Agreement effective date: _______.

       I.  Investment Services            

  1.  Prepare an investment policy statement (IPS)
  2.  Provide a system to monitor investments against IPS
  3.  Assist in creating a diverse, competitively-priced fund lineup
  4.  Provide performance reports of fund lineup against its benchmarks
  5.  Assist in establishing a suitable QDIA or default fund for the plan

     II.  Participant Education & EnrollmentSupport employees by answering enrollment & investment questions

  1.  Create customized educational webinars
  2.  Free membership to
  3.  Access to weekly market commentary (via email newsletter)

  III.  Plan Sponsor Education & Support

  1.  Serve as a co-fiduciary to the plan
  2.  Serve as project manager to ensure plan changes & issues are completed
  3.  Create Retirement Plan Fiduciary File
  4.  Conduct quarterly account reconciliations to identify funding discrepancies
  5.  Remind Sponsor of important compliance deadlines
  6.  Ensure delinquent loans, RMDs, etc., are handled properly
  7.  Assist with identifying and understanding plan fees
  8.  Receive Quarterly Sponsor Newsletter
  9.  Benchmark the plan every five years

  IV.  General Services

  1.  Conduct periodic investment committee meetings
  2.  Provide meeting minutes of investment committee meetings
  3.  Provide annual compliance checklist to uncover potential plan issues
  4.  Lead (or co-lead) enrollment meetings
  5.  Assist in getting terminated participants off the plan

Acceptance & Signatures:


Plan Sponsor – Authorized Signature

Monterey Wealth – Signature

Plan Sponsor – Print Name

Monterey Wealth – Print Name

Date Signed

Date Signed