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Comprehensive Wealth Planning

We utilize a total wealth management system which simplifies our clients’ live and gives
them access to their financial picture anytime, anywhere via the world-wide web. This comprehensive program is a powerful tool that we leverage for defining, measuring, and achieving the relationship goals and objectives. This system allows us to help clients with cash flow forecasting, retirement projections, education funding, “life event” planning, goal planning, and estate planning. Wealth planning and advisory services are offered through LPL Financial.

Investment Management

We have a relationship with the number one* independent broker/dealer in the country. LPL Financial provides us with the tools and solutions that help us help our clients pursue their goals and objectives. With over 12,500 financial advisors and over $305 billion as of 9/30/2011 in assets under management, LPL Financial provides us with the scale to deliver quality investment strategies to our clients.

LPL Financial is a privately-held company which is owned by two private equity firms and management. LPL Financial does not offer investment banking services and does not manufacture any of its own products. This is critical as it enables us to be completely independent and unbiased with respect to investment managers and wealth management solutions. If a manager is not performing, we are under no obligation to work with them.

*As reported in Financial Planning magazine June 1996-2011, based on total revenues.
To learn more about LPL Financial, please visit their website at

Risk Management

We assist our clients with defining their risk management goals and designing a plan for retaining, transferring, or sharing risk based upon a comprehensive cost/benefits analysis. We have established relationships with the top life, disability, and long-term care insurance carriers and have developed strategic alliances with other advisors who operate in specialty areas such as health insurance, long-term care insurance, and property and casualty insurance.

Tax Planning

Tax planning services include reviewing tax returns for personal and business entities and recommending strategies for reducing future taxes. Although we do not prepare tax returns, we do work closely with several CPAs and can make referrals as required. Our goal in conducting tax reviews is to leverage our training, background, and expertise into savings
and tax-advantaged wealth creation opportunities for our clients.

Implementation and Execution

Once a financial plan has been established, we work with our clients to put it into action. We have relationships with numerous law firms that assist us and our clients by drafting documents for estate plans. You are under no obligation to work with our advisors and we are happy to work with any professionals with whom our clients already have existing relationships.